BHB and the Keto Diet

Much has been written and discussed lately about the Keto diet and getting the body into a state of ketosis. Essentially, the body being in ketosis means that it is burning consumed proteins and fats and then stored fat for energy instead of using glucose which is synthesized from ingesting carbohydrates. In following a Keto diet, you will consume only around 50 grams of carbohydrates a day or the equivalent of 2 slices of bread or a cup of rice. The Keto diet is popular for weight loss in its ability to get the body to burn stored fat, but it is also known for producing a kind of euphoria - pretty much the same effect as what comes from fasting. 

The fasting effect seems to come from flipping the body's switch from burning carbohydrates to burning fats which fools the body into thinking it is starving since the typical source of energy is glucose produced form carbohydrates. If you are eating a Keto diet, the burning of stored fats released fatty acids into the bloodstream that the liver turns into acetoacetate which is a metabolic fuel. This excellent physical fuel belongs to the family of ketones, thus the name Keto - or ketogenic diet. 

During the liver's conversion of fatty acids to acetoacetate, which can be expelled through breathing or urination, a more stable material is produced called beta-hydroxybuterate, or BHB. This substance is what actually creates the feeling of euphoria and what others report as a certain clarity of mind and overall good feeling. BHB builds to fairly high levels in the brain while the body is in ketosis, and some of this ketogenic material binds to anxiety receptors - the effect of which is to reduce anxiety and produce that feeling of well being. It also causes many to experience the clarity of thought and mental processes along with evidence that Alzheimer's patients can show improvement. 

So there is more than a bit of excitement in thinking that being able to produce a BHB supplement could prove very beneficial to those suffering from disorders like dementia and Alzheimer's. A BHB supplement would be preferable to only following a ketogenic diet based on the fact that is a somewhat difficult diet to stay on indefinitely. Most people can maintain a Keto diet for a period of time, but will find that they are unable to stay on that path forever. But if a BHB supplement could be created and used, we could possibly reap the rewards of repair on cognitive impairment as well as other beneficial biological effects. 

While researchers are studying the effects of BHB on the brain and body, they are finding that this excellent energy source also triggers something of a protective state in the body's cells. This protective state reduces the way in which cells eventually succumb to oxidative stress - that which makes the body age. So in the course of research being done on responses positive of Keto diet and BHB salts - supplements already being produced containing BHB - it is being verified that BHB can have a profound effect on mental clarity, physical well-being, appetite reduction, energy levels and possibly anti-aging properties. And while there are certainly more studies to be done, there is excitement being generated in seeing the effects of a ketogenic diet and BHB on mice in the studies being conducted today. 

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