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KETO Engineering​​ 5 day plan

The 16:8 diet is a popular diet plan. Under this diet plan, you are allowed to eat normally—that is, healthily—within an 8 hour period. You must then fast for the next 16 hours. Many people find this diet easier to follow as it precludes them from having to suffer through hunger pains for two days. Experts say that in the 16 hour fasting period, the body has chance to process nutrients and to burn away calories, which is what leads to the precipitous loss of weight.

On the 16:8 diet

Day 1 of your intimate fasting  plan, take one teaspoon of keto Engineering straight after your last meal before your next fasting time. We recommend the first time you try the BHB salts to start with one teaspoon to see how your body processes it.  Some people may have a stomach upset, so we recommend starting on a lower dose. This is just so your body gets used to having the BHB salts.

Day 2 If on day one you had no problems with taking the bhb salts, we recommend taking two teaspoons straight after your last meal before your next fasting time.

 If you did have some stomach upset we recommend sticking to one teaspoon straight after your last meal before your next fasting time..

Day 3 If on day one you had no problems with taking the bhb salts we recommend taking two teaspoons straight after your last meal before your next fasting time.
In the 8 hours when you are allowed to eat, I recommend to stay away from sugary and fizzy drinks,  ginger beer etc lollies, chocolate etc... You can still allow some treats but do it in moderation,  you do not have to cut out all carbohydrates, although I do recommend to restrict them if possible.

Day 4  If  you had no problems with taking the bhb salts we recommend taking 3 teaspoons straight after your last meal before your next fasting time.
This fasting diet I find to be the easiest way to get into ketosis without having to change your diet too much. Just make sure you are eating healthy and make smart choices. You do not have to change your diet too much that it will make you not want to stick to the plan.

Day 5 If you had no problems with taking the bhb salts we recommend taking 3 teaspoons straight after your last meal before your next fasting time.
Congratulations for your first 5 days it will get easier from now on. You can keep taking your bhb salts, as this will keep you in ketosis for longer and help you with your goals. If you have a cheat day we recommend also to take the bhb salts to help keeping you in ketosis.

Good Luck.

Weight management takes time and personal commitment to be 
effective, and also require diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. 
Ask your health professional for advice. Always read the label and 
use as directed

98% beta-hydroxybutyrate (bhb) salts
contains no flavouring or fillers just BHB Salts

About the product
BHB Mineral Salts
Body engineering has been working with ketones since 2009, Then 2015 with the more successful Exgenous Ketones BHB, We have trial differen blend BHB salts and we believe we have come up with a Perfect Combination. 

Our Complex blend of 3 bhb salts,  BHB magnesium, BHB Calcium,  BHB Sodium.

Serving size from

50g Serving size  4.5 

250g Serving size 22.1

no flavouring or fillers just BHB Salts.
Recommended Dose 11.3g

Ketosis a constant state of fat burning.
Ketones is source of energy and enhances athletic performance and endurance
taking this product on a low carbohydrate diet will show best results.


1 Hour Before working out, or if you had a carbohydrate loaded meal or a sugary snack is a good time to take it to get you back into ketosis.
In the morning for a mental boost and it also helps suppress hunger.

Frequently asked questions

​Will BHB salts give me the shakes and keep me awake at night?
A No, this product is not a stimulant.

Which is better capsules or powder? 
A The recommended dose of bhb salts is 11.3g so putting these into pills or capsules you would have to take a large number of them to get the correct dose.  in this case the best way is in a powder form.

Q  What are the main side effects of BHB salts?
A  When you first start taking the supplement some people may have a stomach upset so we recommend starting on a lower dose. This is just as your body gets used to having the BHB salts and does not last for very long
(If you are just starting the keto diet it will pay to Google some information about the affects the body might go through as you change to ketosis)

Recommended dose is 11.3 grams approximately 2 teaspoons, You can monitor what is best for your body by using the ketone testing strips. you can take this product up to twice a day with at least 4 hours between dosing, but if you are sticking to your keto diet you'll be able to monitor your progress and take this product as needed when you start to slip out of ketosis.  
It is best to mix in with your protein shake, or you can mix it in a glass of water, although this product has quite a salty taste.

The keto big read

What's the mission?
It's essentially 'Keto-Adaptation', or for those of us who do not like big words, it's turning your body into a supercharged, fat burning motor. This occurs when you shift your body from relying on traditional, generally accepted fat-based sources such as glucose, which is the body's primary fuel source. The mission is to enhance fat oxidation, breaking down fats into ketones as an alternate fuel source. 

So what are ketones?
Ketones are a byproduct of ketosis which is the process of converting fat to fuel when the body runs out of glucose to conduct its normal fuel burn. Your body uses ketones as a fuel source as an alternative to glucose. Acetoacetate, Acetone, and Beta-Hydroxybutyrate are the three different types of ketones your body can run off of as alternative fuel to glucose. The latter, Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, is the freely flowing form of ketone in the blood and easily absorbed by the body's tissues. It's the basis of most exogenous ketone supplements. 

Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, or BHB for short, enhances workouts, high endurance activities, and aerobic performance for that maximum burn during high intensity effort. The heart and brain prefer ketones for fuel and BHB adds that extra health benefit not only for diet, but for long term health. 

BHB, when your body is in a carb restricted state, such as during fasting, provides that alternative energy source you body needs. Call it an exogenous source of 'rocket fuel' for the body providing for optimal performance, maintaining muscle mass, increased concentration, and peak excess, stored fat burn. 

The best BHB formulations fast tracks the the rise of ketone levels in the blood while at the same time keeps the levels of additives to a bare minimum for purity, efficacy and quality. The goal, as stated, is to improve mental performance, enhance energy levels, sustain a level of peak endurance and burn excess fat. 

There are differing, competing theories on the pros and cons of exogenous BHB, but the data supporting the beneficial effects far outstrip any negatives. As with any supplementation program, common sense prevails. The marginal increase in performance and the sense of enhanced well being have been thoroughly tested by high endurance, sustained output, peak performance athletes in triathlons, iron man competitions, and competitive professional sports. 

Other benefits of BHB include, but are not limited to, elevation of beneficial metabolites in the body, the feel of physical ease, and activation of enzymes conducive to slowing the aging process. All this, without hunger, muscle loss, or loss of mental focus. The life changing benefits of BHB are still being studied and are showing great promise, not only for ultra-endurance, peak performance athletes, but the benefits are there for those of us with slightly above average, or even sedentary activity levels for better productivity in office environments. 

So what's the bottom line to this emerging Beta-Hydroxybutyrate science. In addition to a proper, tailored, low carb diet, and a mild detoxification routine, the added benefits of BHB as that preferred alternative fuel source to glucose is an approach the body will welcome. Explore BHB as a cutting edge method of shifting your body's main fat burning capability into overdrive.

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