Tips For Bulking Up

TIP 1 - Get lean first 

In order to gain muscle at an accelerated rate without gaining fat you need to first get lean. There is no way around this. If you are not lean enough your body will simply turn most of the extra calories as additional fat. 

TIP 2 - Compound exercises 

Focus on heavy and intense compound exercises, don't waste your time on lots of isolation exercise. Instead focus on multi-joint exercises which stimulate a larger number of muscles - squats, dead lifts, bench pressing etc. 

A small number of isolation may be added to supplement your routine. 

TIP 3 - Free Weights 

Free weight exercises involve more muscle contractions because you are stabilizing muscles that are not used on a machine. Try to train with heavy weights that you have trouble lifting more than 4-8 reps. 

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Remember to keep your diet clean

TIP 4 - Don't overdo cardio 

You will want to convert your extra calories into muscle. Limit cardio to one or two 30 min sessions per week. If you want to do more cardio you need to increase your caloric intake to compensate. 

TIP 5 - Nutrition and rest 

Bulking up does not end as you hit the showers after an intense training session in fact it just begins. The amount and type of food you are putting in your body afterwards is where the real bulking begins. Lean protien, good fats, shakes and supplements along with water,water and water, Drinking plenty of water is important as it helps your muscles heal faster, helps your kidneys process the increase of metabolic waste. 

You need to give your body time to recover without adequate recovery you will break down already broken down muscle tissue. You need at least 72 hours of recovery time. 

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