Working on our Nutrition status is one of the most powerful steps you can take to enhance your health, wellbeing and body image.

We all have varying relationships with food.  How we feel about food depends on many factors like Culture, Religion and Emotional eating.  In this day and age foods can be like a “fashion statement”; as we are bomb barded with suggestive marketing.  

What you learn and experience about food in the family has the strongest influence on your food choices throughout life. 

I recommend starting with self-evaluation:  

1.Over the next seven days write down everything you                      eat.

2.List your foods into categories of, Carbohydrates,                          Proteins, Fats and Sugars.

3.Observe your portion size, are you overeating? Do                        you feel bloated and fatigued after eating?

4.       What is your level of physical activity? Highly active                        individuals will use up more energy for everyday                            activity than those who lead a more sedentary life                          style.

Knowledge about food is essential to health and wellbeing. 

1.Understand how each food category works in your                         body, Carbohydrates – Proteins – Fats – Sugar-                               Minerals.

2.Understand how to make well balanced meal                                  choices.

3.Understand healthy cooking methods.

4.Understand the benefits of taking weight                                        management supplements. 

 Weight Managment Tips 
Understanding your Diet
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