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Functions in the body

Essential for growth and repair of body tissues. 

Proteins form the structure of the soft and hard tissues that make up most parts of the body. 

Hard tissue includes bones and teeth. 

Soft tissue includes skin, muscles, organs, tendons, membranes, enzymes, hormones and antibodies. All these tissues are constantly being produced.
Complete proteins can be found in poultry, pork, veal and fish, red meats such as beef, lamb, venison and rabbit, nut's, cheese, eggs and milk.

Protein is essential for muscle growth.

Protein keeps you fuller longer, it takes our bodies longer to digest protein than carbohydrates or fat's.

High protein diets are good for weight loss, if on a high protein diet be careful not to over eat saturated fat's, like cheese, and animal fats. 
Understanding Protein

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